SWITCH consortium meets in Berlin

30th, 31st January, 1st February 2024, Berlin, Germany – The SWITCH project consortium met in Berlin for the second general assembly.
The meeting took place in one of the projects Food Hub, at Baumhaus. The project partners converged to explore the synergy between Food Hubs and work packages. The agenda was rich with collaborative workshops and strategic planning sessions, all aimed at fostering and accelerating sustainable practices across global food systems.

During the firs day the Food Hubs were involved in co-creative efforts, diving deep into regional barriers and defining their future action plan. Afterwards the group focused on KPIs, crucial in measuring our earth, food, and human flow impacts. Then, innovative technologies and apps were showcased.

The second day was Dedicated to sharing the progress of every working group, with a particular focus on the Data Lake and digital apps, and their Hub-specific applications.

The last day brought the group to Domäne Dahlem, where the fusion of an organic farm and museum in Berlin illustrated the symbiosis of agriculture’s history and sustainable futures. This environment nurtured dialogues with policymakers about sculpting local agri-food systems, resonating deeply with SWITCH’s ambitions.

The visit provided participants a direct experience of a sustainable agriculture network and city food policy in action. Moreover, dialogues with policymakers about sculpting local agri-food systems were sparked, resonating deeply with SWITCH’s ambitions.