Donostia and Basque region


San Sebastian and Basque Region boasts a rich gastronomic heritage, with a network of world-class restaurants and chefs. Despite a small agricultural area, food production is deeply ingrained in the culture and identity of Basque citizens. The Food Hub initiative seeks to enhance citizens’ appreciation for small-scale producers by linking them with restaurants, while promoting sustainability and health considerations. The Basque Climate Change Centre, Basque Culinary Center, and Kutxa Ekogunea will coordinate activities to ensure that regional diets are presented in a manner that is culturally and socio-economically appropriate, while emphasising the importance of sustainability and health.


Our challenges

Improve understanding and valorisation of the small local producers by citizens

Connect restaurants with local producers

Contextualize the region diets with sustainability and health issues and find the most appropriated narrative that respect the cultural and socio-economic context