Rome and Lazio Food Hub at Maker Faire Rome

20-22 of October 2023, Rome – The Rome and Lazio Food Hub goes to Maker Faire Rome! The event was not just an opportunity to showcase our work, but also a significant step in making our presence felt in the community.

Over the span of three days, the Hub engaged the attendees with two interactive activities:

1. The SWITCH Totem: a SWITCH totem to gather data on people’s eating habits. This data collection is crucial for us as it helps in understanding the current dietary patterns and paves the way for promoting sustainable alternatives.

2. Thought-Provoking Questions: Each day, the SWITCH team posed a different question to the attendees, encouraging them to reflect on the broader themes of our project. They were then invited to share their thoughts on a post-it note. The questions we posed were:

  • “To me, sustainable food is…”
  • “Resources (people, places, activities…) in your locality that can help us switch to a healthier and more sustainable diet?”
  • “What holds you back from switching to a healthier and more sustainable diet?”

Many visitors found themselves deeply engaged in discussions about the project. Some even shared their personal perspectives, providing us with invaluable insights and potential connections for our future endeavors.