Workshop at San Sebastian Food Hub

November 27, 2023, San Sebastian – In the heart of the Basque region, the San Sebastian Food Hub recently became a melting pot of ideas and innovation. This exciting development was marked by a co-creative workshop, bringing together experts from diverse sectors, united by their interest in healthy and sustainable food.

The event was more than just a meeting – it was a celebration of regional diets. The workshop aimed to highlight the cultural and socio-economic diversity of the Basque region, while also underscoring the importance of sustainability and health benefits in our food choices.

The air buzzed with energy as participants exchanged thought-provoking ideas, generating a wave of enthusiasm that was palpable among both stakeholders and organizers. It was not just a platform for discussion but a catalyst for future innovation within the SWITCH project.

This event marked a pivotal moment for the SWITCH project in the Basque Food Hub. After several months of informal meetings with various stakeholders, Monday, 27th, brought the first official SWITCH event at LABE in San Sebastian.

The workshop was organized by Basque Centre for Climate Change, Basque Culinary Center, and Kutxa Fundazioa.