The latest updates from Gothenburg Food Hub

Gothenburg, Sweden – April 2024

  • Rikard Landberg (CHALMERS) participated in the 4th Annual Meeting – The Food and Nutrition Network (3rd April) conference as a keynote speaker and held a webinar about Precision Nutrition for Healthy and Sustainable Diets in a Nordic Context, presenting SWITCH as an example of mission-driven research approach. A wide range of scientific experts from Denmark and Sweden were engaged, including food and nutrition scientists, medical doctors, nurses, dieticians, food industry, biochemists, forensic scientists, and toxicologists.

  • The Food Hub held on April 4th a webinar to present and discuss with the local partners an upcoming SWITCH activity about health parameters monitoring, leading to progress in planning a successful implementation of the initiative!
  • Representatives from RISE/SWITCH Sustainable Seafood Living Lab participated in a workshop organized by SMAK (Skolmatsakademin) on the topic of seafood, on April 9th. The potential of seafood (with a focus on mussels) as the protein of the future was discussed with chefs and gastronomy students, the mussel farming company Musselfabriken, creating a knowledge exchange across disciplines and opportunities for future collaborations in the Västra Götaland region.
  • Always in a context set up by SMAK, on April 23rd, SWITCH was presented by representatives from CHALMERS, who spoke about both positive health effects and concerns regarding whole grain intake. A group discussion on how to increase whole grain intake in school kitchens followed.

More updates coming soon on the planning of SWITCH activities!